Celebrities, wannabes, public “personalities” (god help you if you fall into that category), athletes, politicians, reality tv stars and anyone else who steps foot onto a red carpet event and strikes a stupid pose. [NOTE: we love kids, but they will not be spared the snark-rod -- Dakota, we're looking at you].


We are saving the planet one red carpet at a time. No human being should be subjected to a celebrity’s awkward, “look-at-me-I’m-so-cool” crappy pose. Can we ever really have world peace and guarantee our survival as a species when things like this go unchecked:

We are also covering the red carpet in other ways as only Red Carpet Gods can (with a sharp eye for the ridiculous, the WTF? moments and, because we believe in a better tomorrow, occasionally highlighting glimmers of sheer beauty and badass poses from celebrities who “get it” that makes us want to hold hands and sing kumbaya).

Handing out Red Carpet bitch-slaps is hard to do (we love celebrities, we really do — they are the wind beneath our wings). But, alas, someone has to do it.


Monday through Friday, once per day, we will feature a misguided celebrity proudly displaying a stupid red carpet pose for you. We implore you to vote on each pose (thumbs up if you think the pose is “super fly” or thumbs down if you think it’s a “stupid pose”). Share the post with your network in social media — there are enough stupid red carpet poses to go around.  If you can’t stop by the site, we’ll come to you. Just subscribe to either our RSS feed and email newsletter below for your daily dose of Stupid Red Carpet Poses:



Red Carpet Gods go where the action is and where our celebrity red carpet bitch slaps are needed. From the gritty streets of New York, to the world’s tallest mountain peek and everywhere in between.  If humanity finds its way to Mars and begins to colonize the red planet, we will be there to moderate and reality check red carpets featuring aliens striking stupid poses. Wherever there’s a red carpet, we will cover it with our special brand of tough love. Look forward to coverage primarily from Hollywood red carpets but also expect to see celebrity red carpet mishaps from around the world (after all, we can’t heal humanity with our celebrity-driven mission focusing on only America now can we?).


For a celebrity (or wannabe celebrity) gracing the red carpet is not just an event, it’s a make-or-break moment. At any given awards show, an A-List celeb will spend thousands of dollars preparing for their big entrance onto the red carpet from hiring the best hair stylists and makeup artists, to borrowing the most coveted, expensive designer fashions they can get their hands on, and then spend days (if not weeks) preparing for that one moment that only lasts a several minutes at most: standing before an army of press and paparazzi… and POSE!

You’ve heard of no child left behind? Well here we believe in “no celebrity stupid pose left unchecked”.  With all of the work and money celebrities put into striking the perfect, photo op pose, it became clear to us that bad poses weren’t just visual offenses, they were a cry for help. We’re here for you celebs — tough love and a firm hand from The Red Carpet Gods.


Photos with commentary, video, social media, podcast, carrier pidgeons. However and whatever means of communication we can use to rid the world of stupid celebrity red carpet poses, we will use. Tell us what you like and how you like it.

Sometimes in life, you only get one chance to strike a picture-perfect pose. Don’t f*ck it up.

Red Carpet Gods


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