Should Kristen Attend Her Red Carpet Premiere?

Kristen Stewart is in a bit of a pickle (in case you haven’t heard). After being busted by the media for having an affair with her Snow White and the Huntsmen director, Rupert Sanders, word has it that Stewart has taken to wandering the streets, foregoing personal hygiene and has sunken into a full-fledged depression. Meanwhile, burned ex-boyfriend Robert Pattinson is said to be drunk-dialing her out of desperation to get back with her.

None of this concerns us, of course. But now, the Red Carpet has been dragged into the middle of this soap opera mess. Have they no shame?!!

In light of the scandal, it’s being reported that Stewart is now pulling out of her own Red Carpet premiere in London next week. Apparently, she’s humiliated (duh), afraid of being questioned by journalists about the scandal, and terrified of being heckled by bystanders who might pelt her with prunes and call her a home-wrecking whore (okay, so we added that part). Whatever her fears, it looks like she may be a no-show on the Red Carpet.

Here’s where you come in! Let’s set this up properly (movie-style). Lights, camera, ACTION:

In this scene, your good friend and talented actress Kristen is in tears. She’s been ravaged by the media for sleeping with her married director, threatening her squeaky clean image and career. She sobs to you that she’s humiliated and wants to live under a rock. But she has a premiere to go to of her upcoming film, On the Road (due out August 17th). It’s in London. Those Brits can be brutal (who can forget how the British tabloids devoured Sienna Miller for her scandalous affair with Balthazar Getty – calling her Sluttyienna?). Kristen sobs uncontrollably. She doesn’t know what to do and doesn’t want her appearance to distract from the movie. Her question to you, dear friend, is:  ”Should I go to the premiere and do the red carpet?”

Your answer is:

 Our answer is:

Meh. Put your big girl panties on and get on with it, Kirsten. The only thing worse creating a scandal is not being able to face the music in the aftermath of the scandal. Besides, you’re in good company with other celebrities who have allegedly busted up marriages in sex scandals:  Sienna Miller, Angelina Jolie, Ryan Phillippe, Arnold Schwarzenegger… look, the list is endless. We don’t have enough time or space in this post to list them all. Do the Red Carpet, Kristen – so we can cover it.

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