Stupid Red Carpet Poses: Pimps & Hoes

Timomatic and Talia Fowler on the red carpet at the Sydney Premiere of The Sapphires. (Source: Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images AsiaPac)

Is he about to mount her?!! What the #%@*!

Listen, we’re no prudes. We like to get a little freaky behind closed doors just like everybody else (and there may even be a Stupid Red Carpet Poses sex tape floatin’ around somewhere) — but every freak has their limit. The red carpet is no place to get your freak on.

Something about this pose featuring musician and choreographer   Timomatic (@Timomatictheone) and ballet dancer Talia Fowler (@Talia1) at a premier in Australia screams “ewwww!”.  Maybe it’s the fact that, if you got rid of the red carpet and paparazzi, this photograph could have just as easily been taken at a party featuring Crips or Bloods and their hoes.

Whoever is responsible for coming up with this tacky pose should be banished to an island at the bottom of the planet a with Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Mitt Romney.

To put this in perspective (and to underscore what a crazy, upside down universe we live in), below is a photo of two porn stars on the red carpet at the 29th Annual AVN (porn industry) Awards. Now we ask you, which pose is classier? Ironic, isn’t it?

Porn stars on the Red Carpet at AVN

Porn stars on the Red Carpet at AVN


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