Stupid Poses: The Herniated Disc Edition


I’m pretty sure he dropped her. Between the sun glasses in his left hand, the papers he’s clinging to for dear life and Hilaria (Baldwin’s fiance who looks like she couldn’t care less that he’s rupturing his spleen struggling to lift her into the air), something had to give. Alas,  Alec Baldwin is only human.

Dear Crazy Uncle Alec (our pet name for our favorite unapologetically nutty celebrity who does the wildest and craziest things for and to paparazzi), no more candid romantic moments on the red carpet please. No human being should struggle this much for a photo opp. #calltheparamedics

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We are saving the planet one red carpet at a time. No human being should be subjected to a celebrity’s awkward, “look-at-me-I’m-so-cool” crappy pose.
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